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Jews in Romania


Yesturday my grandmother from my father's side came over to dinner and I tried asking her about what had happened to her in the holocaust. At the time she was seven years old, with a little sister, and her parents. All survived the war and came to live here in Israel and she herself has no stories of any violent acts against her community.
All she remembers is that the gypsies in her town were taken to Auschwitz (other sources say they were taken to Transnistria), that her father was a tailor and worked for the germans as well (she mentioned that the factory, or the place were he worked, fixed torn uniforms coming from the eastern front) and that when "they" wanted to deport her family they ran to a forest nearby (with strangely the same name as the city park's name) and lived in the basement of one of the family friends' house in the forest. One moment she told me they lived there for four years and the next moment she told me it was for only two.

I tried googeling for Sibiu's jewish history but found a big gaping hole; Sibiu's been chosen to be Europ's Cultural Capital for 2007 and people have better things to think about than subjects the likes of the holocaust.

So, if anyone here as any information about Sibiu the city or the county during the war and the fate of the jews of that county it'd be a great help.
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