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History Assignment...

Hello there. Name's Sushie, and I am a year 11 history student, studying Word War Two, the holocaust, and Nazi Germany. Things like that, really, and the surrounding issues. However, since this seems to be a very nice minded community, I thought I might as well join and come to ask you guys for help.

I have an assignment that requires me to interview about Germany from 1918-1945, as part of a thing focusing on the role of oral evidence in history. I have two questions to ask you guys, but you can answer more if you want, just as long as you provide me with the question you're answering, so it's not just some misplaced paragraph.

1: What do you know/remember about the topic “Germany 1918-1945?”

2: Why and/or how do you know about or remember this topic.

Your help, and answers, would be much appreciated.

Take care, and that's all from me, for now.

Yours, Sushie.
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