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Working with diaries

Hi, I'm a senior history major currently working on a project studying one particular diary from the Holocaust. The diary is of someone who lived in a ghetto, but was never sent to a camp.

I have found many sources which analyze memoirs of the Holocaust, accounts written after the Holocaust's end, but few that analyze the work of diarists. Are there any sources you know of on working with diaries through a historical lens? (-Ones specifically about the Holocaust would be amazing, but more general ones would be of great benefit as well.)

Thanks for the help!
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Try the Yad Vashem archive. Yad Vashem is Israel's biggest holocaust museum, it also runs researches, collects testimonies and such, and publishes books about all sorts of aspects of the holocaust.

here's their contact page with lots of emails, phone numbers etc. Hope this is helpful.

BTW, where is your diary writer from?
Thanks for the link.

The diary is from Germany (the author was living in/outside of Dresden).
You're welcome. I'vepointed someone else to this link and haven't heard feedback from them yet, was it useful for you?

The diary is from Germany (the author was living in/outside of Dresden).

What became of them?